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Working with the Stanford Prof. Wes Hartmann, the CaDC is evaluating social media advertising as a vehicle for persuading consumers to reduce water usage. By bringing together customer-level water use data and digital ad impression data, managers are able to measure campaign effectiveness with unprecedented quantitative precision.

Working with Professor Constantine Kontokosta of NYU's Center for Urban Science and Progress, the CaDC is benchmarking efficent water use across Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Multifamily Residential customer classes using our standardized data. This approach has been pioneered by CaDC staff for NYC, resulting in an award-winning Energy & Water Performance Map and associated journal paper.

The CaDC's California Friendly Plant Class Participation Survey investigates attitudes on neighborhood adoption, motivations for landscape conversion, and other key aspects of outdoor water use efficiency market transformation.

Rates, revenue, and demand are tightly coupled. A more granular understanding of how these factors interact across different hydrologic, socioeconomic, and other unique local circumstances will enable water utilities across California to more effectively plan for an uncertain future. As such, the Collaborative has issued a Request for Ideas that would make use of our data to explore this territory.

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