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In May 2016, Governor Brown issued Executive Order B-37-16. The EO calls for the development of water use targets customized to the unique conditions of each urban water agency as part of a new, permanent efficiency framework.

Standards for efficiency are being developed by the Department of Water Resources and the Water Board in consultation with urban water suppliers and other stakeholder groups.

At present, the Efficiency Explorer focuses on the residential use component of an agency's efficiency target. This component is calculated as the sum of indoor and outdoor residential water use budgets, and can vary according to pending policy decisions (GPCD and ET Adjustment Factor) as well as unique agency conditions. The parameters of these two budgets are displayed in the labeled panels above.


This tool aims to serve water managers by both providing an intuitive platform for exploring the new efficiency targets, and by enabling instantaneous access to data for different water use policy scenarios.

By setting values for GPCD (gallons per capita per day) and ET Adjustment Factor, managers can use this tool to investigate how different standards for residential water use affect their agencies over different periods of time.

  • Use the Scenario Builder panel to:
    • Set scenario parameters
      • Date Range - by clicking and dragging the slider knobs
      • GPCD and ET Adjustment Factor - by typing values in the associated forms and pressing enter
    • View results for current scenario for selected Census Block (FIPS Code)
      • Residential Use Target: - the residential water use efficiency target calculated using the selected indoor and outdoor water efficiency standards
      • Residential Use - the total water use reported by the supplier multiplied by the percentage that went to residential customers
      • Efficiency - the number of acre-feet (and percentage) over or within efficiency target. Negative percentages represent percentage within goal
      • Time Series Graph - the historical relationship between efficiency target and actual use.
  • Use the map panel to:
    • View geographic context
    • Select census blocks
    • View demographic statistics
      • Census Block-Level (2010)
        • Population
      • Census Blockgroup-level (2015)
        • Median Income
        • Median Year Structure Built
        • Characteristic Education
        • Primary Limited English Speaking Household Language

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Scenario Builder

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